Find, share & organize code snippets with your Slack team

Snipy is a central place for all your team code snippets, behind a single slash command. Quickly create reusable code, share with your team and collaborate.

Free during Beta

Integrated with Slack

Create snippets with a simple /snipy command. Your code is securely uploaded to Slack Files, with familiar features, such as code highlighting, editing, raw previews, downloads, and permalinks.

Powerful search

Snipy search is powered by Algolia - a leading and reliable SaaS search provider. You can search snippets across tags, code contents, and descriptions.

Tag-based organization

Snippets are categorized by tags, right from Slack. Organize your code with tags to find your code snippets easily. Create a collection of your team's reusable code library.

Built-in collaboration

With snippets in Slack, you get the same collaboration features out-of-the-box. Share snippets with your colleagues, discuss and collaborate without ever leaving Slack.